Our first performance hit the streets of Seville in December 2002. Since then we have performed for thousands of delighted spectators of all ages.

The secret to our success has been an entertaining interactive show with professional actors dressed up in authentic period costume, enthusiastic knowledgeable guides / group leaders and a flexible format that allows the show to be enjoyed by all ages on many levels. At the same time, the show is very educational in a fun way -- even the most knowledgeable Sevillian will learn something new and walk down an unknown street.

There are three legends which are focused on in the tour: Carmen la cigarrera, Don Juan Tenorio and el barbero de Sevilla, are the most famous legends of Seville.

OTher legends we act out: Sierpes Street, Clotilde the Visigothic princess, the street of death, and The head of King Don Pedro.The show has two formats: Tourism and educational



Shows for visitors to Seville can be done with either an English speaking or Spanish speaking guide / group leader*. The time of show is flexible so that it can fit into a busy schedule. A full show lasts about 90 minutes, but the route can be modified to shorten or lengthen the visit.



We strive to make the tour as educational as it is fun! Lesson plans with ideas and activities are already prepared for the teachers so that students can benefit greatly from the tour while making the teacher's job easier.


If you have more doubts then you may find the answers in the FAQ page.


The legend tour is very adaptable to many situations. We can mold the show to be performed for the handicapped, the elderly, in museums, libraries, palaces and for conferences.

Phone: + 34 670 40 43 62